Group programmes to help prepare children for their next step in life.

The purpose of the Get Ready Club is to provide children with the opportunity to develop skills they need for pre-school and school.

All groups involve parents in the sessions to provide an opportunity to acquire information and develop skills to encourage your child to work towards being confident and independent.

Get Ready Club groups are aimed at children without identified difficulties or diagnoses. However, all groups are adapted to meet the needs of participants and we welcome children with additional needs. For individual assessment or therapy please see www.occupationaltherapyessex.co.uk

  • All groups are adapted to meet the needs of individual participants.
  • Parents are directly involved in the sessions to enable them to understand and practice skills at home.
  • Information sheets are provided to parents giving information about underlying skills and supplementary practice activities.
  • Groups are designed by Abi Johnson,  a qualified Children’s Occupational Therapist and led by a trained member of the team.
  • All groups can be run at playgroups or schools.

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About Abi Johnson

About Abi Johnson

Occupational Therapist

I graduated in 1999 with a BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy from Brunel University, London. In 2001 I began working with children in the NHS; a second maternity break in 2009 led to a change in direction to embark on private practice.  I now work in schools and homes to help children develop motor skills, independence, pencil skills and scissor skills.